Generation 1: Year 9


Ballerina Baby Ponies

Babies Soft Steps, Sweetsteps, Tippytoes, & Toe Dancer

Baby Soft Steps - Mermaid

Baby Sweetsteps - Heartthrob

Baby Tippytoes - Pussycat

Baby Toe Dancer - Wisteria

Rainbow Baby Ponies

Babies Brightbow, Rainribbon, Starbow, & Sunribbon

Baby Brightbow - Atomic Turquoise, Yellow Fever, Wisteria

Baby Rainribbon - Heartthrob, Yellow Fever, Atomic Turquoise

Baby Starbow - Heartthrob, Yellow Fever, Forget Me Not

Baby Sunribbon - Peaches and Cream, Yellow Fever, Atomic Turquoise

Firefly's Adventure


Firefly - Forget Me Not

Glow 'n Show Ponies

Brightglow, Dazzleglow, Happyglow, & Starglow

Brightglow - Heartthrob, Wisteria

Dazzleglow - Pussycat, Water Nixie

Happyglow - Atomic Turquoise, Virgin Snow

Starglow - Heartthrob, Golden Delicious

Precious Pocket Ponies

Bubblefish, Bunny Hop, Li'l Pocket, & Sweet Pocket

Bubblefish - Heartthrob, Water Nixie

Bunny Hop - Pussycat, Sour Grapes

Li'l Pocket - Dusty Rose, Atomic Turquoise

Sweet Pocket - Pussycat, Forget Me Not

Pretty Ponies

Beauty Bloom, Flower Dream, Garden Glow, & Rosy Love

Beauty Bloom - Peaches and Cream

Flower Dream - Water Nixie or Atomic Turquoise

Garden Glow - Wisteria

Rosy Love - Heartthrob

Princess Ponies

Princesses "Royal Pink" & "Royal Purple"

Princess "Royal Pink" - Forget Me Not

Princess "Royal Purple" - Heartthrob

Rockin' Beat Ponies

Half Note, Pretty Beat, Sweet Notes, & Tunefull

Half Note - Heartthrob, Electric Banana

Pretty Beat - Nectarine, Forget Me Not

Sweet Notes - Electric Banana, Heartthrob

Tunefull - Sunset, Wisteria

Secret Surprise Ponies

Pretty Puff, Secret Beauty, Secret Star, & Stardazzle

Pretty Puff - Heartthrob

Secret Beauty - Wisteria

Secret Star - Pussycat

Stardazzle - Mermaid

Teeny Tiny Ponies

Little Giggles, Little Honey Pie, Little Tabby, & Little Whiskers

Little Giggles - Water Nixie

Little Honey Pie - Wisteria

Little Tabby - Mermaid

Litttle Whiskers - Pussycat

Mail Order Ponies

Rapunzel, Mommy & Baby Pony, Kellogg's Christmas Baby

Rapunzel - Golden Delicious, Heartthrob

Mommy Pony & Baby Pony - Pussycat

Kellogg's Christmas Baby (AKA "Baby Stockings") - Candy Apple