Generation 1: Year 6

Big Brother Ponies

Barnacle, Chief, & Wig Wam

Salty's, Steamer's, & Tex's hair colors are identical to their previous releases.

Barnacle - Firebird, Lemonade

Chief - Forget Me Not, Lemonade

Wig Wam - Virgin Snow, Atomic Turquoise

Brush 'n Grow Ponies

Bouquet, Braided Beauty, Curly Locks, Pretty Vision, Ringlets, & Twisty Tail

Bouquet - Yellow Fever, Pussycat, Atomic Turquoise, Firebird

Curly Locks - Virgin Snow, Yellow Fever, Atomic Turquoise, Pussycat

Pretty Vision - Sugarberry, Envy, Pussycat, Atomic Turquoise

Ringlets - Yellow Fever, Pussycat, Sour Grapes, Water Nixie

Twisty Tail - Firebird, Pussycat, Envy, Yellow Fever


 Curly Locks

Pretty Vision


Twisty Tail

Happy Tails Ponies

Romper, Squeezer, Tabby, Tall Tales, Tossles, & Woosie

Romper - Pussycat

Squeezer - Pussycat

Tabby - Sugarberry

Tall Tales - Atomic Turquoise

Tossles - Mermaid

Woosie (aqua) - Yellow Fever

Woosie (lavender) - Yellow Fever

Magic Message Ponies

Cloud Dreamer, Cuddles, Floater, Magic Hat, Mirror Mirror, & Windy

Cloud Dreamer - Virgin Snow, Sea Nymph

Cuddles - Golden Delicious, Pussycat

Floater - Strawberry Mousse, Envy

Magic Hat - Wisteria, Sugarberry

Mirror Mirror - Unlucky Clover is close but not exact, Dusty Rose

Windy - Dusty Rose, Electric Banana

Newborn Twins

Babies Big Top & Toppy, Jabber & Jebber, Puddles & Peeks,
Sandcastle & Shovels, Speckles & Bunkie, and Sticky & Sniffles

Baby Big Top - Yellow Fever

Baby Toppy - Virgin Snow

Babies Jabber & Jebber - Pussycat

Babies Puddles & Peeks - Wisteria

Baby Sandcastle - Atomic Turquoise

Baby Shovels - Golden Delicious

Baby Speckles - Golden Delicious

Baby Bunkie - Wisteria

Baby Sticky - Virgin Snow

Baby Sniffles - Atomic Turquoise

Peek-a-Boo Babies

Babies Graffiti, Noddins, Ribbs, Snippy, Sweet Stuff, & Whirly Twirl

Baby Graffiti - Atomic Turquoise

Baby Noddins - Virgin Snow

Baby Ribbs - Electric Banana

Baby Snippy - Pussycat

Baby Sweet Stuff - Heartthrob

Baby Whirly Twirl - Mermaid

Pony Friends

Cha Cha, Cutesaurus, Edgar, & Oakly

Cha Cha the Llama - Kitten

Cutesaurus the Dinosaur - Electric Banana

Edgar the Elephant - Golden Delicious

Oakly the Moose - Mermaid

Princess Ponies

Princesses Dawn, Misty, Moondust, Pristina, Sunbeam, & Taffeta

Princess Dawn - Wisteria

Princess Misty - Heartthrob

Princess Moondust - Pussycat

Princess Pristina - Electric Banana

Princess Sunbeam - Yellow Fever

Princess Taffeta - Virgin Snow

Summer Wing Ponies

Buzzer, Glow, High Flier, Lady Flutter, Little Flitter, & Sky Dancer

Buzzer - Yellow Fever

Glow - Pussycat

High Flier - Mermaid

Lady Flutter - Virgin Snow

Little Flitter - Pussycat

Sky Dancer - Atomic Turquoise

Sundae Best Ponies

Banana Surprise, Coco Berry, Crunch Berry, Peppermint Crunch, Sherbet, & Swirly Whirly

Banana Surprise - Mermaid

Coco Berry - Pussycat

Crunch Berry - Electric Banana

Peppermint Crunch - Wisteria

Sherbet - Heartthrob

Swirly Whirly - Golden Delicious

Sweetberry Ponies

Blueberry Baskets, Boysenberry Pie, Cherry Treats, Cranberry Muffins, Raspberry Jam, & Strawberry Surprise

Blueberry Baskets - Water Nixie

Cherry Treats - Sugarberry

Cranberry Muffins - Heartthrob

Raspberry Jam - Key Lime

Strawberry Surprise - Heartthrob

Twice As Fancy Ponies

Bonnie Bonnets, Buttons, Merriweather, Munchy, Night Glider, & Yum Yum

Bonnie Bonnets - Virgin Snow

Buttons - Atomic Turquoise

Merriweather - Lemon Drop

Munchy - Dusty Rose or Peaches and Cream

Night Glider - Virgin Snow

Yum Yum - Pussycat

Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies

Babies Foamy, Misty, Sealight, Seashore, Seawinkle, & Wavedancer

This hair is likely thermal polypropylene. The Doll Hair Emporium and My Little Customs do offer this type of hair, but not in the colors that these ponies originally have. Color shifts listed below. Please send me a message if there is a supplier out there!

Baby Foamy - Lavender to Light Pink
Baby Misty - Yellow to White
Baby Sealight - Orange to Yellow
Baby Seashore - Blue to White
Baby Seawinkle - Blue to Turquoise
Baby Wavedancer - Purple to Pink

Mail Order Ponies

Clipper, Satin 'n Lace, & Sparkle Ponies

Clipper - Virgin Snow

So Soft Satin 'n Lace - Pussycat

Sparkle Ponies

Napper - Key Lime

Sky Rocket - Sugarberry

Star Dancer - Atomic Turquoise

Star Hopper - Virgin Snow

Sunspot - Pussycat

Twinkler - Sour Grapes