Generation 1: Year 4

So Soft Ponies

Bouncy, Buttons, Cherries Jubilee, Cupcake, Fifi, Gusty, Heartthrob, Hippity Hop, Lickety-Split, Lofty, Magic Star, North Star, Paradise, Posey, Ribbon, Scrumptious, Shady, Skippety Doo, Surprise, Truly, Twist, & Wind Whistler

Bouncy - Atomic Turquoise

Buttons - Atomic Turquoise, Heartthrob

Cherries Jubilee - Dusty Rose

Cupcake - Mermaid

Fifi - Virgin Snow, Heartthrob

Gusty - Sea Nymph, Sugarberry

Heartthrob - Heartthrob

Hippity Hop - Pussycat

Lickety-Split - Pussycat

Lofty - Yellow Fever

Magic Star - Key Lime

North Star - Wisteria

Paradise - Firebird

Posey - Pussycat

Ribbon - Electric Banana, Firebird

Scrumptious - Key Lime

Shady - Electric Banana

Skippety Doo - Sugarberry

Surprise - Electric Banana

Truly - Heartthrob

Twist - Firebird, Pussycat

Wind Whistler - Pussycat

Beddy-Bye Eyes Baby Ponies

Babies Gusty, Heartthrob, Lickety-Split, Lofty, Ribbon, & Shady

Baby Gusty - Sea Nymph, Sugarberry

Baby Heartthrob - Heartthrob

Baby Lickety-Split - Pussycat

Baby Lofty - Yellow Fever

Baby Ribbon - Electric Banana, Firebird

Baby Shady - Electric Banana

Twinkle-Eyed Ponies

Fizzy, Galaxy, Gingerbread, Masquerade, Sky Rocket, Speedy, Sweet Pop, Sweet Stuff, & Whizzer

Fizzy - Tea Rose OR Pink Sugar, Virgin Snow, Heartthrob, Sea Nymph

Galaxy - Sugarberry, Heartthrob, Virgin Snow, Firebird

Gingerbread - Atomic Turquoise, Sour Grapes, Pussycat, Wisteria

Masquerade - Sea Nymph, Atomic Turquoise, Envy, Electric Banana

Sky Rocket - Sugarberry, Golden Delicious, Virgin Snow, Pussycat

Speedy - Atomic Turquoise, Virgin Snow, Lemon Drop, Wisteria

Sweet Pop - Heartthrob, Electric Banana, Wisteria, Pussycat

Sweet Stuff - Wisteria, Heartthrob, Pussycat, Virgin Snow

Whizzer - Sour Grapes, Atomic Turquoise, Sea Nymph, Mermaid

Megan & Sundance

So Soft Sundance - Tea Rose OR Pink Sugar

Megan II - Buttercreme

Flutter Ponies

Forget-Me-Not, Honeysuckle, Lily, Morning Glory, Peach Blossom, & Rosedust

Forget-Me-Not - Virgin Snow

Honeysuckle - Pussycat

Lily - Wisteria

Morning Glory - Electric Banana

Peach Blossom - Mermaid

Rosedust - Pussycat

Pretty 'n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies

Babies Beachcomber, Ripple, Sea Shimmer, Sunshower, Surf Rider, & Water Lily

Baby Beachcomber - Atomic Turquoise

Baby Ripple - Heartthrob

Baby Sea Shimmer - Mermaid

Baby Sunshower - Lemon Drop

Baby Surf Rider - Virgin Snow

Baby Water Lily - Mermaid

Party Pack Ponies

Baby Celebrate, Baby Frosting, Best Wishes, Party Time, & Yum Yum

Baby Sea Pony Baby Celebrate - Wisteria

Beddy-Bye Eyes Baby Frosting - Virgin Snow

So Soft Best Wishes - Lemon Drop

Twinkle-Eyed Party Time - Pussycat, Virgin Snow, Electric Banana, Water Nixie

Flutter Yum Yum - Electric Banana

Molly & Baby Sundance

Beddy-Bye Eyes Baby Sundance - Tea Rose OR Pink Sugar

Molly - White Chocolate

Playset Ponies

Baby Bonnet School of Dance & Pony Purse

Baby Half Note - Mermaid
Baby Sleepy Pie -  Atomic Turquoise

Mail Order Ponies

Lucky the Stallion, Hollywood & Spike, and Stockings

Baby Lucky - Atomic Turquoise
Hollywood - Virgin Snow
Stockings - Heartthrob