Generation 1: Year 3

Earth Ponies

Applejack II, Bow-Tie II, Cherries Jubilee, Lickety-Split, Posey, & Tootsie

Applejack II (curly-haired) - Golden Delicious

Bow-Tie II (curly-haired) - Tea Rose OR Pink Sugar

Cherries Jubiliee - Dusty Rose

Lickety-Split - Pussycat

Posey - Pussycat

Tootsie - Atomic Turquoise

Unicorn & Pegasus Ponies

Firefly II, Heartthrob, Gusty, Medley II, Powder, Skyflier, Sparkler, & Surprise

Glory's & Moondancer's hair colors are identical to their previous releases.

Firefly II (curly-haired) - Atomic Turquoise

Heartthrob - Heartthrob

Gusty - Sea Nymph, Sugarberry

Medley II (curly-haired) - Lucky Clover

Powder - Virgin Snow, Sugarberry

Skyflier - Sugarberry, Virgin Snow

Sparkler - Wisteria, Sugarberry

Surprise - Electric Banana

Megan & Sundance

Sundance - Tea Rose OR Pink Sugar

Megan - Buttercreme

Rainbow Ponies

Confetti, Flutterbye, Pinwheel, Starflower, Tickle, & Trickles

ALL - Peaches and Cream, Tea Rose, Mermaid, Electric Banana

Baby Ponies

Babies Blossom, Cotton Candy, Firefly, Glory, Moondancer, & Surprise

Baby Blossom - Virgin Snow

Baby Cotton Candy - Pussycat

Baby Firefly - Atomic Turquoise

Baby Glory - Wisteria, Atomic Turquoise

Baby Moondancer - Tea Rose OR Pink Sugar, Wisteria

Baby Surprise - Electric Banana

Sea Ponies

High Tide, Sand Dollar, Sea Sea Breeze, Sea Mist, Wave Jumper, & Whitecap

High Tide - Pussycat

Sand Dollar - Electric Banana

Sea Breeze - Wisteria, Sea Nymph

Sea Mist - Sugarberry, Pussycat

Wave Jumper - Tea Rose

Whitecap - Sour Grapes, Atomic Turquoise

Baby Sea Ponies

Babies Backstroke, Sea Shimmer, Sea Star, Splasher, Surf Rider, & Tiny Bubbles

Baby Backstroke - Mango Tango

Baby Sea Shimmer - Atomic Turquoise

Baby Sea Star - Wisteria

Baby Splasher - Wisteria

Baby Surf Rider - Pussycat

Baby Tiny Bubbles - Lemon Drop

Ember's Dream

Baby Ember - Wisteria

Playset Ponies

Baby Buggy & Lullabye Nursery

Baby Cuddles (both normal and BBE) - Tea Rose
Baby Tiddley-Winks (both normal and BBE) - Pussycat

Mail Order Ponies

Birthflower Ponies & Collector Ponies

All Birthflower Ponies - Heartthrob

Collector Ponies
Blossom - Wisteria
Blue Belle - Wisteria
Butterscotch - Goldenrod
Cotton Candy - Tea Rose or Pink Sugar
Minty - White Witch
Snuzzle - Tea Rose or Pink Sugar