Generation 1, Year 10


Birthday Pony

Birthday Pony - Heartthrob

Bridal Beauty

Bridal Beauty - Virgin Snow

Colorswirl Ponies

Lovebeam, Springy, & Starswirl

Lovebeam - Heartthrob, Mermaid

Springy - Virgin Snow, Wisteria

Starswirl - Pussycat, Atomic Turquoise

Fancy Mermaid Ponies

Babies Pearly, Sea Princess, & Sea Shimmer

Baby Pearly - Heartthrob

Baby Sea Princess - Wisteria

Baby Sea Shimmer - Water Nixie

Flower Fantasy Ponies

Flowerbelle, Love Petal, & Sweet Blossom

Flowerbelle - Pussycat

Love Petal - Wisteria

Sweet Blossom - Water Nixie

Paradise Baby Ponies

Babies Beachball, Palm Tree, & Pineapple

Baby Beachball - Heartthrob, Wisteria

Baby Palm Tree - Forget Me Not, Electric Banana

Baby Pineapple - Water Nixie, Wisteria

Sippin' Soda Ponies

Chocolate Delight & Strawberry Scoops

Chocolate Delight - Atomic Turquoise, Virgin Snow, Lemonade

Strawberry Scoops - Heartthrob, Virgin Snow, Water Nixie

Sundazzle Ponies

Sunbeam, Sunglory, & Sunsplasher

The color-changing stripes are likely UV polypropylene hair. While My Little Customs, The Doll Hair Emporium, and ShimmerLocks each offer a type of UV hair, they may not be exact matches to original pony hair. For those concerned with accuracy, donor hair is your best bet.

Sunbeam - Electric Banana

Sunglory - Water Nixie

Sunsplasher - Wisteria

Sweet Kisses Ponies

Happy Hugs, Lovin' Kisses, & Ruby Lips

Happy Hugs - Water Nixie

Lovin' Kisses - Heartthrob

Ruby Lips - Wisteria

Teeny Pony Twins

Babies Bootsie & Tootsie, Rattles & Tattles, & Sniffles & Snookums

Bootsie & Tootsie - Yellow Fever

Rattles & Tattles - Strawberry Mousse

Sniffles & Snookums - Virgin Snow

Sweet Talkin' Ponies

Chatterbox & Talk-A-Lot

Chatterbox - Mulberry Crush, Heartthrob

Talk-a-Lot - Heartthrob, Sour Grapes