Generation 1: Year 5

Big Brother Ponies

4-Speed, Quarterback, Salty, Slugger, Steamer, & Tex

4-Speed - Forget Me Not, Pussycat

Quarterback - Water Nixie, Virgin Snow

Salty - Wisteria, Heartthrob

Slugger - Virgin Snow, Heartthrob

Steamer - Pussycat, Sea Nymph

Tex - Heartthrob, Forget Me Not

First Tooth Baby Ponies

Babies Bouncy, Fifi, Lickety-Split, North Star, Quackers, & Tic-Tac-Toe

Baby Bouncy - Atomic Turquoise

Baby Fifi - Virgin Snow, Heartthrob

Baby Lickety-Split - Pussycat

Baby North Star - Wisteria

Baby Quackers - Atomic Turquoise, Envy, Yellow Fever, Heartthrob

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe - Sugarberry, Heartthrob, Sea Nymph, Envy

Flutter Ponies

Cloud Puff, Tropical Breeze, Wind Drifter, & Wingsong

Lily's & Rosedust's hair colors are identical to their previous releases.

Cloud Puff - Mermaid

Tropical Breeze - Sugarberry

Wind Drifter - Key Lime

Wingsong - Atomic Turquoise

Newborn Twins

Babies Dibbles & Nibbles, Doodles & Noodles, Jangles & Tangles, Milkweed & Tumbleweed, Rattles & Tattles, and Sniffles & Snookums

Baby Dibbles - Pussycat

Baby Nibbles - Mango Tango

Baby Doodles - Pussycat

Baby Noodles - Atomic Turquoise

Baby Jangles - Yellow Fever

Baby Tangles - Virgin Snow

Babies Milkweed & Tumbleweed - Pussycat

Babies Rattles & Tattles - Lemon Drop

Baby Sniffles - Pussycat

Baby Snookums - Wisteria

Pony Friends

Creamsicle, Kingsley, Spunky, & Zig Zag

Creamsicle the Giraffe - Virgin Snow

Kingsley the Lion - Heartthrob

Spunky the Camel - Wisteria

Zig Zag the Zebra - Dusty Rose

Princess Ponies

Princesses Primrose, Royal Blue, Serena, Sparkle, Starburst, & Tiffany

Princess Primrose - Atomic Turquoise

Princess Royal Blue - Heartthrob

Princess Serena - Pussycat

Princess Sparkle - Mermaid

Princess Starburst - Wisteria

Princess Tiffany - Virgin Snow

Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies

Babies Dipper, Salty, Sea Breeze, Sea Spray, Surfy & Wavy

Baby Dipper - Pussycat, Sea Nymph

Baby Salty - Wisteria, Dusty Rose

Baby Sea Breeze - Lemon Drop, Wisteria

Baby Sea Spray - Virgin Snow, Lemon Drop

Baby Surfy - Pussycat, Wisteria

Baby Wavy - Dusty Rose, Heartthrob

So Soft Ponies

Angel, Bangles, Crumpet, Taffy, & Twilight

Hippity Hop's hair color is identical to her previous release.

Angel - Mermaid

Bangles - Atomic Turquoise, Heartthrob

Crumpet - Mango Tango

Taffy - Heartthrob

Twilight - Pussycat

Twinkle-Eyed Ponies

Bright Eyes, Locket, Mimic, Quackers, & Tic-Tac-Toe

Speedy's hair colors are identical to her previous release.

Bright Eyes - Virgin Snow, Lemonade, Firebird, Candy Apple

Locket - Virgin Snow, Tea Rose OR Pink Sugar, Peaches and Cream, Wisteria

Mimic - Electric Banana, Pussycat, Envy, Sugarberry

Quackers - Atomic Turquoise, Envy, Yellow Fever, Heartthrob

Tic-Tac-Toe - Sugarberry, Heartthrob, Sea Nymph, Envy

Twice As Fancy Ponies

Dancing Butterflies, Love Melody, Milky Way, Sugarberry, and Up, Up, & Away

Dancing Butterflies - Butterfly

Love Melody - Pussycat

Milky Way - Virgin Snow, Atomic Turquoise

Sugarberry - Sugarberry

Sweet Tooth - Heartthrob

Up, Up, and Away - Pussycat

Slumber Party Pack

Baby Nightcap, Pillow Talk, Pink Dreams, and Sleep Tight & Sleepy Head

First Tooth Baby Nightcap - Wisteria

Twice-as-Fancy Pillow Talk - Lemon Drop, Atomic Turquoise, Virgin Snow

Flutter Pink Dreams - Heartthrob

Newborn Twins Baby Sleep Tight - Atomic Turquoise

Newborn Twins Baby Sleepy Head - Tea Rose OR Pink Sugar

Soft Sleepy Newborns

Babies Hushabye, Pink Dreams, & Sweet Dreams

Baby Hushabye - Wisteria

Baby Pink Dreams - Mermaid

Baby Sweet Dreams - Heartthrob

Playset Ponies

Pony Purse, Pony Perm Shoppe, & Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe

Baby Crumpet (Pony Purse) - Lemon Drop
Fifi (Perm Shoppe) - Atomic Turquoise

Scoops (Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe) - Wisteria

Mail Order Ponies

Adventures in Ponyland Game

Baby Blue Ribbon - Atomic Turquoise