Generation 1, Year 8


Baby Sparkle Ponies

Babies Firefly, Gusty, North Star, & Starflower

Sparkle Baby Firefly - Golden Delicious

Sparkle Baby Gusty - Heartthrob

Sparkle Baby North Star - Pussycat

Sparkle Baby Starflower - Golden Delicious

Christmas Pony

Merry Treat

Merry Treat - Candy Apple, Sea Nymph

Drink 'n Wet Baby Ponies

Babies Cuddles, Flicker, Rainfeather, & Snookums

Baby Cuddles - Golden Delicious

Baby Flicker - Heartthrob

Baby Rainfeather - Water Nixie

Baby Snookums - Pussycat

Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies

Bright Night, Starflash, Sunblossom, & Twinkler

Bright Night - Tea Rose

Starflash - Wisteria

Sunblossom - Pussycat

Twinkler - Pineapple

Pony Bride

Pony Bride - Virgin Snow

Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Ponies

Cha Cha, Daisy Dancer, Pretty Belle, & Sweet Sundrop

Cha Cha - Mermaid

Daisy Dancer - Wisteria

Pretty Belle - Pineapple

Sweet Sundrop - Pussycat

Rainbow Curl Ponies

Raincurl, Ringlet, Streaky, & Stripes

Raincurl - Pussycat, Lemon Drop, Wisteria, Mermaid

Ringlet - Virgin Snow, Golden Delicious, Pussycat, Mermaid

Streaky - Pussycat, Lemon Drop, Wisteria, Heartthrob

Stripes - Heartthrob, Lemon Drop, Peaches and Cream, Mermaid

Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies

Posey Rose, Silky Slipper, Tip Toes, & Twinkle Dancer

Posey Rose - Pussycat

Silky Slipper - Atomic Turquoise

Tip Toes - Yellow Fever

Twinkle Dancer - Wisteria

Tropical Ponies

Hula Hula, Piña Colada, Sea Breeze, & Tootie Tails

Hula Hula - Nectarine, Sugarberry, Key Lime

Piña Colada - Nectarine, Sugarberry, Water Nixie

Sea Breeze - Pussycat, Electric Banana, Firebird

Tootie Tails - Electric Banana, Key Lime, Heartthrob

Playset Ponies

Princess Baby Buggy

Baby Princess Sparkle - Pussycat

Mail Order Ponies

Satin 'n Lace, Valentine Twins, Goldilocks, Chuck E. Cheese Baby,
Pony and Pendant Pair, Twice As Fancy Baby Ponies, & Birthday Baby Ponies

Satin n' Lace (lavender or magenta) - Pussycat

Valentine Twins

Purple Valentine Twin - Pussycat

White Valentine Twin - Sugarberry

Goldilocks - Golden Delicious, Mango Tango

Chuck E. Cheese Baby - Forget Me Not

Pony and Pendant Pair

Sweet Scoops - Heartthrob

Twice As Fancy Baby Ponies

Baby Dancing Butterflies - Lemonade

Baby Love Melody - Tea Rose

Baby Milky Way - Virgin Snow, Water Nixie

Baby Sugarberry - Strawberry Mousse

Baby Sweet Tooth - Heartthrob

Baby Up, Up, and Away - Pussycat

Birthday Baby Ponies

Baby Sugarcake - Pussycat, Atomic Turquoise

Baby Gametime - Lemonade, Pussycat