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Hair Color Matching Guide


Matches for other suppliers are still being explored and still available on the Supplier Matches page.

Thank you.

Welcome to StarbriteSprinkles' My Little Pony Hair Color Matching Guide.
This site matches the hair colors of each Pony to the corresponding Dollyhair nylon color. Other suppliers' matches will be added eventually, as well.


The guide is a work in progress; please be patient.

Photos on site are taken outdoors in natural daylight with no camera flash. They are not at all color enhanced, only sharpened as needed.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them. This will take you away from the guide and to the site on which the image is hosted.

Please keep in mind that Generation 1 ponies are now 28-40 years old whose hair is from a long-defunct Italian supplier. Colors fade, and shine dulls. What is intended to be the match for a pony may not be exact to YOUR pony anymore.

Dollyhair's colors have also changed over the years. It's unclear whether it's because the wrong color was received and labeled as the same or the manufacturer has changed the color. A color that was once an exact match may be different now.


Many colors need confirmation, either because I cannot accurately judge the color from my own pony or because I do not personally own them and rely on photos to determine the matches. These unconfirmed matches will be highlighted in yellow throughout the site, but most text formatting was lost with the site transition. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you see a mistake!

G1 hair samples (also used for Jem) from defunct Italian supplier L.A.M.P. S.P.A.
Images from eBay store Toy & Comic Heaven.
Unfortunately, the auction went beyond my affordability.